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About Us

About the CPSU/CSA

The Community and Public Sector Union, Civil Service Association (CPSU/CSA) was established in 1901.
Our Union is an active and progressive union committed to promoting a modern, efficient and responsive State Public Sector.
We represent approx 16,000 Members in over 100 State Government Departments and Agencies and over 640 different occupational groups, in both metropolitan and regional and remote areas.
CPSU/CSA Members have an intimate knowledge and understanding of all facets of the WA Public Sector and are committed to ensuring that it is a quality, efficient, sustainable public sector that meets the needs of the Western Australian community.

Our mission

The Community and Public Service Union and the Civil Service Association have a firm commitment to building a fair and just society.
By encouraging an active membership in varied workplaces we work to improve wages, employment conditions and the quality of public services for our community and state. We work to uphold our believe that robust, dynamic and high quality public services are the foundation of a fair and just society.



    • Location

      Level 5, 445 Hay Street
      Perth WA 6000

      PO BOX X2252
      Perth WA 6847

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      UnionLink: 9323 3888
      Regional: 1300 733 800
      Reception: 9323 3800