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Your Union Agreement

How is this offer from Government better than the last one?

When we secured the first offer from Government for Your Union Agreement, delegates met and discussed in depth. While there were a number of improvements they welcomed, they viewed the absence of clauses addressing your Union’s claim for “Cessation of contracting/outsourcing” and “No forced redundancies” as significant omissions and sought for further negotiation to occur on these matters.

I am covered by one of the General Agreements in Attachment A of the offer other than the Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement. What does this offer mean for my agreement?

The improvements achieved in the Your Union Agreement negotiations will apply to your specialist agreement, as appropriate. The Your Union Agreement package letter dated 12 September 2017 confirms that additional proposed no cost and/or cost neutral changes may be agreed to in the specialist agreements.

Is there still back-pay in this offer?

Yes, the offer still provides for the first salary increase to be effective on and from 13 June this year.

Now that we have the offer, what is our next step?

A mass delegates meeting was held at 3pm on Wednesday 20 September 2017 at the CSA to discuss the offer in detail, followed by a meeting of the Union Council at 4which it was formally decided that the offer will be be put to a ballot of members.

What about our claim for a “no privatisation” clause?

Through further campaigning and bargaining, CPSU/CSA members and delegates have secured improved redeployment and redundancy provisions but, with the exception of the Employer Preference clause which establishes direct permanent employment as the preferred mode of engagement, there is no further clause preventing or limiting the privatisation of public services.

What does this mean for our aim to stop privatisation?

Your Union Agreement is a powerful industrial instrument, but it is not the only means by which your Union can secure rights, entitlements and protections for members. It is common for campaigning and advocacy organisations such as our Union to review and adjust their strategies in pursuit of their aims. We will continue to hold the Government to account for its promises and campaign to stop the privatisation of existing public services and, where possible, return privatised services to public hands.

What happens if we vote to accept the offer?

Council has decided to put this off to ballot, which means we will have reached the point of 'in principle agreement'. This secures the offer pending the outcome of the ballot.

What happens if we vote to reject the offer?

We have now exhausted what can be achieved without a significant and rapid escalation in industrial action. Continued campaigning would require widespread, sustained member participation in activities such as work bans and strike action. The extent to which this would yield further improvements is unknown.

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Unless otherwise stated, this information currently applies only to members covered by the Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement 2014.
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