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Your new Agreement has been registered!

The innovative, ground-breaking conditions won in this campaign will not only improve the lives of public sector workers in the short term but will also contribute to breaking down inequality in our workplaces and society in the longer term.

This has been a long process but the conditions secured in this agreement are significant and will help public sector workers have better lives for years to come.

Our next round of bargaining will start in Spring 2020, where we will join with other public sector Unions to leverage all political parties to change the Wages Policy. 

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ's on pay risescasual employment and level 1 compaction

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Casual loading increased to 25%, with
three-hour minimum engagement
Fairer conditions for people in insecure work.
Compaction of Level 1 band
Our lowest-paid public sector workers will get to
the top quicker with eight increments reduced to
Adult Traineeship rates of pay
Adult traineeship rates of pay will now align with
Level 1 rates.
  Workload Management
Increased ability to review workload management.
  Two paid Union meetings per year
Strong Union workplaces are positive workplaces.
NEW Public Sector Public Holiday!
Easter Sunday will now be a public sector public
holiday, giving all public sector workers an extra
public holiday day-in-lieu, now three in total. 
Contracting out and Direct Employment
Further commitment to dealing with job security, issues around privatisation, labour-hire and contracting out.
Permanency and CI2 review
Cementing an ongoing commitment to conversion to permanency and review of CI2 including looking at issues related to long term acting in vacant positions.
12 weeks Superannuation on unpaid parental leave
This opens the door for how the next generation of
women retire, help close the gender pay gap and
bring us closer to equality in our retirement years. 
No increase to GROH
Cost of living help for our regional members. 
  More Bereavement Leave
An extra day, now three in total. 
Review into Discounted Public Transport
Establishment of a review to implement discounted public transport to be conducted within 12 months of registration
  Pay rise of $1000 in June 2019 and $1000 June 2020.
Backpay is secured.
 Five PAID days Cultural and Ceremonial Leave for
Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders
Helps to recognise the importance of Australia’s
Indigenous culture and connection to the community. 



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