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Public Service and Government Officers CSA General Agreement 2019

Civil Service Association of Western Australia Incorporated (CSA) Claim




The Public Service and Government Officers CSA General Agreement 2019 

Term of the Agreement

2 years with a nominal expiry date of 13 June 2021.


Salary increase of 2% on 13 June 2019 and 2.5% twelve months later.

No trade-offs of current conditions from GA 7

Working conditions are not to be traded to achieve a better salary increase.

Job Security

Contracting Out

  • Employers to review all tender arrangements leading up to their expiry and other external contractual arrangements to identify opportunities to return the delivery of these services to the Employer. 
  • The review is based on an assessment of the public interest and economic viability of these services being carried out by directly employed workers. 
  • The Employer will provide relevant information from the review and review outcomes to the Joint Consultative Committee.

No privatisation

  • No functions or services currently performed or provided by a Public Sector Body or the Public Service will be privatised during the term of this Agreement.

Labour Hire

  • A process to transition functions currently undertaken by labour hire businesses to direct, permanent employment in the Public Sector will be established within the term of this Agreement.
  • The Union will be directly involved in the development of this process.

Casual employment

            Increase casual loading to 25%

  • Increase the loading for casual Employees to 25%.

Minimum engagement

  • The minimum engagement for a casual Employee will be three consecutive hours.


  • Prior relevant experience will be taken into account when determining the appropriate salary increment on each occasion a casual Employee is engaged.

Equity Provisions

Cultural and Ceremonial Leave

  • Five days dedicated paid Ceremonial and Cultural leave per year;
  • non-cumulative;
  • for legitimate ceremonial and cultural purposes.

Bereavement Leave

  • Up to five days of paid Bereavement leave per incidence;
  • Non-cumulative.

Superannuation to be paid during periods of unpaid maternity leave

  • Employer to continue to pay superannuation contributions during periods of unpaid maternity leave.

Working Conditions


  • Proposed and actual changes require notification and consultation.
  • Clear statement of the content of the obligation to notify and consult.
  • All change proposals are provided in writing outlining the change management process and the business case supporting this process.
  • Consultation with the Union is required for all significant change proposals including Occupational Safety and Health matters and Voluntary Targeted Separation Schemes (VTSS).
  • Additionally, VTSS proposals need to include a consideration of whether the work previous performed by an Employee in a position proposed to be abolished will need to be devolved to other Employees and how these Employees will be consulted about this devolution.
  • Whilst consultation is occurring and up to the point where the Employer and the Union have agreed that all matters requiring consultation have been concluded the status quo will be maintained.
  • The status quo is defined as ‘the situation immediately prior to the action giving rise to the consultation and applying until the consultation process is concluded’.

Workload Management

  • Amend the clause to ensure the trigger to initiate the convening of a review team to conduct a workload survey is clearly articulated as Workload Management issues raised by the Union, at the JCC or through other workplace consultation mechanisms.
  • Review timeframes outlined in the current clause to ensure matters are being dealt with expediently.
  • If workload matters are not resolved between the parties within the timeframes specified the matter can be referred to the WAIRC for conciliation and / or arbitration under clause XX Dispute Settlement Procedure of this Agreement.

 Salary Packaging

  • Cost of travelling to work for Employees who regularly commute by public transport will be offered as a salary sacrifice arrangement.
  • Operationally the Employer purchases and registers a number of a SmartRiders. The cards are then provided to Employees by way of salary sacrifice for their use but remain the Employers property.  As the SmartRider is used, the cards can be topped up by way of further salary sacrifice by the relevant staff member.

 Dispute Settlement Procedure

  • Broaden the scope to include any industrial matter.
  • Add specific subclauses in relation to:
    • Representation;
    • good faith;
    • the Unions role;
    • status quo and
    • leave for Employee participation.
  • These subclauses ensure that the Union can represent members or raise a dispute in its own right and that whilst the dispute is being resolved the situation immediately prior to the action giving rise to the dispute applies until the dispute is settled. Should the dispute require Employee participation in the process they are entitled to do so without loss of pay.

 Occupational Safety and Health Representatives.

  • The Employer will maintain an Occupational Safety and Health Representative Register
  • The Register will record the name, workplace, position/ job title, date of election as a representative and training details including the dates relevant OSH training courses were completed.
  • These details are to be provided to the Union every 6 months.

 Union Facilities

  • The Employer will allow the Union to provide content on the benefits of Union membership for inclusion in any on-line induction provided to new Employees.
  • Employees will be granted, paid time off to attend quarterly general meetings of up to one hour duration on site with the Union.



Offer received - Claims rejected

on Thursday, 18 April 2019. Posted in 2019

As we suspected, the initial offer we have received shows that the government’s Wages Policy goes much further than just a cap on wage rises. 

Public Sector Labour Relations has also rejected some significant claim items that we hoped would help bring diversity and equality to the public sector.

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